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Fifty years  is a remarkable  amount of time  for  a  factory that  survived  through the changes  of  fashion and  life styles keeping its leading  role in  the market of  silver manufacturing always  with  an  eye on tradition.
Fifty  years…probably more.Because Fala  began its adventure  long  before  taking the  current  name and  being  located  where  it  is  now, just  above Cernobbio,on Lake  Como.
Ermes Pasquin, one  of  the  founding  fathers  of  F.A.L.A. started  working   in  the  silver division  of a famous    company in  Como  that  had  the  task  to  make  silver  crockery  for  some  of  the  products  they  sold, like  trays  for  their  “panettone” or  plates  to  serve  the  courses.
It was there that  Ermes  met the chief silver  manufacturer of the division, Mr.Butti, who taught  him  and  his future business partners the  job. That  group of  kids  started from  the  lowest  rank and  slowly  climbed up  the  ladder until they were finally ready to leave the  company  where  they  had  learned  the job and  start  the business  on  their  own.
So  in  the  early 60’s   Ermes Pasquin,  Gianni Taroni, Gianni Ciapessoni and Paolo Carugati followed their  old  boss and  moved  the  business from  the  zone  of   Villa  Olmo to Camerlata, in Como, and  when  Butti offered  them  to  detect  the  factory, they  accepted  and  in  1978 founded  the  current  F.A.L.A ( Fabbrica Artigianale  Lavorazione  Argento), before  eventually  moving  to  the current  location in the  wonderful  Cernobbio.

The kids who started the enterprise

With  the  passing  of  the  years  the  business  gets bigger and  spreads  beyond  the Italian  borders, gaining  international  fame  and  notoriety both  in  the  silver  and  silver plated  market, also thanks  to the entrepreneurship of  Ermes’s son, Paolo Pasquin.
It is in fact Paolo who  carries  the  tradition  on,  adding  a modern  perspective to the  production  with  his  creativity, that  allowed  him to  gain prestigious  international  awards.

spinning of a silver disc
new work, usual dedication
from metal to art

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